misteryeo. Andy Yeo. That’s me.

Would you eat a scorpion? I would and I have. Always try new things. Don’t fear failure.

During the day, I’m a software engineer focussed on building clean, user-oriented applications and solving technological challenges which feed my natural curiosity and drives significant customer impact. Check out my portfolio here. I thrive on the fast pace of the technology industry and love seeing my ideas come to fruition from a blank slate to a fully deployed piece of software. I find myself constantly looking for optimisations in existing applications to further drive efficiency and effectiveness as a product. I’m deeply passionate about the intersection between education and technology; how technology in all its forms can influence the growth and development of future generations.

When the sun sets, I’m a humble wordsmith creating anecdotal accounts of what life has taught me about digital, leadership, career and education with the odd piece dedicated to my gastronomic journey around the globe. I speak on these topics at conferences and have even been interviewed about it on Huffington Post.

I love meeting new people. Having a conversation. So drop me a line if you want to talk code, customer success, personal development, education or food. If I’m not able to help you, I’d love to connect you with someone who can and if you have something to offer, I’d love to learn from you too.

Andy Yeo

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✈️ My Next 30,000ft Journey: 

I’m currently in San Francisco looking for my next play in Software Engineering. Give me a shout!