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Fu Lu Shou, Central

May 14, 2014

Taking over the space previously occupied by private kitchen, TBLS, Luxury Asia Group opens it’s first restaurant project – casual rooftop eatery, Fu Lu Shou. I was invited to check out this hip new establishment during its soft opening stages thanks to the lovely Rach Read of Through The Looking Glass. As the culinary baby of founder, Ping Lam, the concept behind Fu Lu Shou was to recreate the Australian version of Chinese food she grew up with in Sydney (just like me!) which in my books usually entails heavy seasoning and a good amount of fried food – but I wasn’t complaining! Even the plates, bowls and chopsticks you’ll be eating from are the typical retro plastic ones which are only used in the gweilo-Chinese restaurants in Australia – in fact, Ping went all the way to Paris to ship them back here!

We started the evening with a mixed starter sampler (138HKD) which consisted of a ‘Big Arse’ dim sim, prawn toast and spring rolls. When they say ‘Big Arse’, they’re not trying to be rude, they actually mean it’s your regular siu mai but the size of a big delicious meatball! I particularly loved the prawn toast – perfectly crunchy with a generous sprinkle of sesame.

They have a few soups on offer including a wildly popular hot & sour soup (68HKD) and a short soup (68HKD) which contains pork wantons made in a homemade chicken broth. I opted for the chicken and sweet corn ‘egg drop’ soup (68HKD) which made me feel like I should have been snuggled up in a large arm chair covered with a throw, in front of a warm fireplace watching the snow flakes fall outside. It wasn’t a heavy soup, but it was a hearty one with a generous portion of chicken and sweet corn – yum!

Next, we powered through some true classics – the ones that my parents would tell me not to order at food courts because they were made just for the gweilo and was more flour than meat but as kids, we all loved so much. This included a lovely sweet and sour pork (138HKD) and the Boss’ honey prawns (188HKD) both of which only had a delicate fried coating leaving plenty of meaty flesh to enjoy.

The beef in black bean sauce (148HKD) was a little overpowering on it’s own so make sure you have rice to enjoy it with but the kung pao chicken (138HKD) was my favourite and a crowd pleaser too.

Wrapping up, we had the banana split with ice cream (48HKD) with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce, complete with dainty little toothpick paper umbrellas. If that’s not what you fancy, you can always try Ms Ping’s deep fried ice-cream (78HKD) or a deep fried banana fritter (88HKD) big enough for two!

Although some dishes will feel a bit heavily flavoured, it did fantastic job of making me miss home when I tasted the “authentic” Aussie-Chinese dishes I had eaten as a kid and I was completely sold on the overall concept and vibe. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Chinese cuisine experience, then Fu Lu Shou probably won’t satisfy you but for a fantastic night with friends filled with homely, nostalgic Western-influenced Asian dishes (especially if you’re an ABC like me) and creative drinks (if you like spicy like me, try Joh Sun!), there’s no better place then this this cool rooftop on Hollywood Road. Make sure to make a booking and when you do, don’t forget to ask for the door code to get in downstairs because it changes every week!

Fu Lu Shou
7/F, 31 Hollywood Road,
Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 2336 8812

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