Food really does bring everyone together. Last night’s Building an Appetite for Social: What’s cooking in the F&B industry? was @hkharbourcity’s first event and first sold out event – no surprise there!

With a panel of Asia’s most well-known food bloggers, including my personal favourite @ladyironchef (Brad Lau) who puts up the most ridiculously mouth-watering photos of his food adventures, it was expected to be a crowded affair.

Before jumping into the mingling and the core of the event, of course there was some obligatory cocktail food. Honestly…I did not prepare myself for a whole session on food and was starving, but thought it embarrassing to gorge on anything more than a tiny plate of three selections.


The night began with @bridgeways introducing us to the hosts of the event @hkharbourcity who have been so active and involved in social media and the week in general that it was only natural they would be organisers of four events. She also gave us a bit of gastronomic insight:

Sina #Weibo insight from @hkharbourcity: anything related to mangoes and desserts gets a huge number of retweets! #SMWHKfood – @e_ting

@Geoffrey_Wu followed through to tell us all about being one of the first English food bloggers in Hong Kong and his social media journey devising the social strategies for the likes of Pure, Mandarin Oriental Group and now Homegrown Foods. Of course, he then threw the spotlight on an incredible panel of food bloggers:

  • Brad Lau @ladyironchef (Singapore Food Blogger)

Photos make readers hungry — People are lazy, they don’t read everything you write @ladyironchef #SMWHK #SMWHKFood – @yeoa

#SMWHKfood @victoriacheng says “be sincere of what you post.” – @hkharbourcity

  • Gourmet KC (Food Blogger, most prolific blogger on Openrice)

#SMWHK #SMWHKfood Prolific Openrice reviewer KC Koo says his initial posts had no photos but he caved after overwhelming reader demand – @waphle

  • Chan Chun Wai @chanchunwaihere (Columnist at Oriental Daily and Ming Pao Daily)

“All I need is a mobile phone and two fingers” for #Weibo says @ChanChunWaihere #SMWHKfood – @e_ting

#smwhkfood hilda is amazing..she cooks and films her pasta journey herself!! – @Food4MediaAsia

@GregoireMichaud said he accepts criticisms; filters out constructive ones; reflects & improves! #SMWHKfood #SMWHK – @vivien_law


All in all, it was great to finally meet so many well established bloggers. I gotta say, I can’t wait to go check out the pastries of Gregoire at Four Seasons! Oh and I totally forgot to mention that I finally met Ashton, the awesome creator of @HeirloomHK!

If you missed this one, you can still see the recorded video online here, courtesy of @hkharbourcity! Oh and be sure to check out the hashtags for the night where everything was live tweeted!